All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs

by Sweet Weapons

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released July 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Sweet Weapons Albuquerque, New Mexico

All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs1

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Track Name: Not Golden
It’s hard enough
getting up again
My sore feet
I’m over it

And it’s just wasting time
we could have spent
now my eyes are all these colors
not golden

It’s hard enough
staying up alone
when time with me
is bittersweet
then bitter sleep

And we were just wasting time
we’d always spend
just sitting with each other
Track Name: Blue Crush
Chose not to hear
the words a forked tongue spews
I’m too distracted by
the tiny summer dress she wears

So I’ve fallen prey
to the perfect teeth
the weight behind those
swimming eyes
and that tiny summer dress

There’s no such thing
as winter here

Breathe that cold wind
It follows at your heels
like all the
broken ties
still warm from bridges burned

And you make it hard
to put you in your place
but I will
gladly try
to be the sheathe to that sharp tongue

I knew you’d bring
that winter here
Track Name: Low End Lonny
Feel me tugging on your shirttail?
My fist closed tight while you drag me over the ground?
Been saving time to spit the dirt from my mouth
No clever words here

As if you notice me here watching
You’re taking steps to knock me off my feet
I’m not like you but my god, I like you

You couldn’t care
for the breath
you steal from
under me
so suddenly

I’m left here down in black and blue

Such presence begs for better lighting
but steps on the sun wouldn’t reveal here what you hide

A stretch to get it right
a poor example
It couldn’t get it right
a shit example
Track Name: Summer Catch
You’re sitting quiet by the road
friend of pavement
because who could really love you
with a face like that?
Well, sure, I’ll try
with some stupid pick up line
but I could never love you
in a place like that

(Really didn’t mean to lead you on like that)

All these kind words aren’t even heard
It’s a compliment upon deaf ears
Track Name: Strange Brew
Keep calm, ok?
Eyes on the pack of dogs
they howl,
“Just let us eat, dudes!”
Best to
fake a grin
Ignore those shaky hands

Never’d have guessed you give us all away
You know that kiss left spit on both our faces
And yeah, maybe I’m the fool for paying into you
because all I’m cashing out is the place you put me in

But you’re carrying on and on while I forget
that you’re carrying on and on and on and on
Track Name: Settle Down
We could have had
the best of both
Instead, we dance around
and play it awfully coy

Like we should settle down
Start a family; kids, two
At twenty four
seems any bite is way too much to chew

I mean we obviously grow older...

But it’s a constantly
pit on my tongue

But there’s some fun in
‘Shit it’s over’
‘Thank god it’s over’

Yeah, we’ll get fancy
Eat a hundred’s worth for two
And I swear I’ll keep my head on tight
like, no pressure!

But later on
stumbling for your door
I’m leaning in until I taste cement
your concrete floor
Track Name: Hoop Dreams
Sleek and so cold
even when you weren’t around
and I’m so down
to be that guy who
knocks you up and drags you out

I’m just that kind

But you’re so cold

So here’s the finish line
You never saw it coming

I’m sure we’ll finish fine
as long as you see it coming

Liar, liar
Where’d that line go?
Right on, right on
Track Name: Month To Month
The view
around our beds is
boring us
but we like the smell in the air
that gives those memories back

And it’s hard to think you’re happy
just facing that pale tv screen

The hue
of light we all
keep walking
begs another daze
to work it out

And it’s hard to think you’re happy
when all you’ve got is
month to month
month to month

Shadows on the
reddest wall we repaint
every other night or two
I’ve had a few too many and
now I’m leaning
all over you

(On that day we stop to grow up,
I’m afraid I may just fall apart
Abandoning the seeds we’d sown up
before winter calls the spring to start
When all nights begin to fall in
line with what a life’s “supposed to be”
I’ll revel in the thought enduring;
The years long summer
you had given to me)
Track Name: Sour
A night out
breeding insults and injuries
but the spawn is so

Scraping pink porcelain
my dinner plates sing
a mellow tune to
the beat of something

Not fond of
such sour nights at home
A haunted head
and a bed you bought
are here keeping me warm

A night out
drinking to leave the cold
at home
but the brew is so...

I’m digging
rusty spade and shovel
to fill a lined pine box
to the brim
with you.
Track Name: Enough Already
Spent a good long six years
bathing in your light
and boy am I glad
to be left here in the dark

You sure can call me crazy
but callouses do form
on the most roughed up
bits and parts

Already said it all
Have I said enough?

Remember kindergarten?
When our heads were still fresh?
More concerned with paper planes
than anything

Now those bones are brittle
and it’s hard to catch our breath
It’s good to see you happy
It’s good to see you