Have A Kick Ass Summer

by Sweet Weapons

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Recorded in Tucson at Homewrecker Recordings with Ryan Bram.


released February 22, 2012



all rights reserved


Sweet Weapons Albuquerque, New Mexico

All Of My Best Friends Are Dogs1

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Track Name: The Big Green
You're a constant cold
camped in my head
A fever dream, an apparition
So, I'm going deep
to catch my death,
the best I hope for

You suck your teeth while I just bite my tongue
and never breathe another word

Might be the one you want
to be there,
but not the one you want

Air tastes so stale
outside your lungs
It's a constant breeze,
a cold reminder
that I waste my time
thinking things might change
They'll never change, will they?
Track Name: Blue Crush
Chose not to hear
the words a forked tongue spews
I'm too distracted by
the tiny Summer dress she wears
So I've fallen prey
to the perfect teeth,
the weight behind those swimming eyes,
and the tiny Summer dress

There's no such thing
as Winter here.

Breathe that cold wind
It follows at your heels
like all the broken ties,
still warm from bridges burned
You make it hard
to put you in your place,
but I will gladly try
to be the sheathe to that sharp tongue

I knew you'd bring
that Winter here.
Track Name: Summer Catch
You're sitting quiet by the road
Friend of pavement
because who could really love you
with a face like that?
Well sure, I'll try
with some stupid pick-up line
but I could never love you
in a place like that

(Really didn't mean to lead you on like that)

And all these kind words
aren't even heard

It's a compliment
upon deaf ears
Track Name: Strange Brew
Keep calm, OK?
Eyes on the pack of dogs;
they howl, "just let us eat, dudes!"
Best to fake a grin
Ignore those shaky hands

Never'd have guessed you'd give us all away
You know, that kiss left spit on both our faces
And maybe I'm the fool for paying into you
because all I'm cashing out's the place you put me in

You're carrying on and on
while I forget
that you're carrying on and on